I am a writer, teacher, learner, and scholar. This is my academic page. I am also the President, Co-Founder, and Chief Insights Officer at Intentional Insights, a nonprofit that empowers individuals and organizations to achieve their goals through transforming recent research on rational thinking and emotional intelligence into practical tools relevant to everyday life. For more on that aspect of my life, including my non-scholarly writings, see the Intentional Insights webpage.

In my academic role, I serve as a tenure-track professor at The Ohio State University, History Department, Newark Campus, and am a member of the Behavioral Decision-Making Initiative at OSU.
I research meaning and purpose, emotions, agency, decision-making, popular culture, and social control in historical contexts, specializing in Soviet history.

For my research, see the Research page.
For my teaching, see the Teaching page. For digital projects created by my students, see the Class-sourcing page.

Here is a brief video that tells the story of my research:

Socialist Fun

Here is a video describing class-sourcing as a digital teaching strategy:

Presentation on Class-sourcing as a Digital Teaching Strategy

Here is a video from my presentation on "Setting and Achieving Goals"

Setting and Achieving Goals


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