Research interests

  • meaning and purpose
  • decision-making
  • emotions
  • socialism as an alternative modernity
  • youth
  • popular culture
  • leisure
  • consumption
  • the Cold War
  • individual and collective
  • generations
  • violence
  • social control

Current Book-Length Research Project

"Socialist Fun: Youth, Consumption, and State-Sponsored Popular Culture in the Cold War Soviet Union, 1945-1970"

A link to a prospectus and sample chapters of the book I am currently writing

A link to a brief video that tells the story of my research

New Research Project

I have begun research on my next book-length study, “Patrolling Socialism and Post-Socialism: Volunteer Policing in Russia, 1945-2012.” 

A link to a brief abstract of my new study.

Links to my English-language published scholarly essays

Links to my Russian-language published scholarly essays